We thank God for our 2016 Conference where He visited us in every service!  We bless God for His faithfulness and for knowing us better than we know ourselves. We know we’re not perfect, and even though we try to please God, still sometimes we allow interference to become a struggling match for us. Our topic this month, “I ALMOST GOT DISTRACTED!” speaks of the warfare in this flesh. The battle is not in the distraction, but it’s in how long we allow the enemy to hold us captive to whatever it is that has us distracted.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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From the desk of Dr. Watkins…….

Distraction is one of the enemy’s main tactics. If he can get us distracted he can bring issues that may possibly throw us off course; but since we know this…….as Believers we have to be pro-active and do what we know to do in our efforts to fight against the wiles of the devil.  Our topic this month is, “FOCUS ON YOUR PRAISE!”  It doesn’t matter what all is going on around you NEVER allow the enemy to distract you with the methods that he uses. His games are old now, it’s the same old thing………just a different day!  We have to make him know our main purpose is to please God.  PRAISE WILL ALWAYS GET GOD’S ATTENTION!!

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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In this world of ups and downs we will all run into people that put on ways that are NOT sincere, that’s a given. Some are better at hiding what they really think and feel, than are others. Our topic this month, THE FACE OF PRETENSE,” goes into detail of the things that we will encounter in our walk with God. PRETENSE is a false appearance or action intended to deceive. The Bible teaches us to utilize wisdom and to always be aware of the spirits that we entertain. We can tell if that spirit is negative and we have to handle it in the appropriate manner……always being prayerful; because the intention of the enemy is to DECEIVE.

  Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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