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Thank God for a brand new year!  While we’re very grateful for all that God has done in 2015, we know with a new year comes new blessings, and also new tests and trials. Our topic this month, “TOO MUCH INVESTED” lets us know that the same God that kept us in years past, is able to keep us this year as well!  God has invested too much in us to let us down now! “God is a good God,should ALWAYS be our testimony!” Regardless of what we endured in 2015, we’re still here and we’re ready for BRAND NEW BLESSINGS !!

God Bless You,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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Dr. Sherman Watkins

Praise The Lord from whom all blessings flow……..

It’s almost the end of the year! Seems like this year passed so quickly in comparison to other years. It hardly seems real that we’re getting ready to go into 2016. But through it all, GOD HAS REMAINED A GOOD GOD!!!  Our topic this month, “RESPECT THE PROCESS” deals with LIFE and the realities that we ALL have to face while we’re here on earth. We know, without a doubt that God is too wise to make a mistake, although sometimes the challenges that we must face can cause us, in our human frailty, to question the ways of God. We’re very limited in our ability to understand God’s choices, but we must always RESPECT God’s decisions.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins


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The Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, Inc., 870 St. Clair Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, was founded and organized by its present pastor Dr. Sherman S. Watkins in March, 1970...

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