Have you ever been real hungry and you ate a good meal and felt full... yet there was something that you still wanted but you couldn’t figure it out? You had a full course meal and you definitely weren’t hungry but there was an emptiness of some kind that you couldn’t explain. Our topic this month, "I’M FULL BUT I’M STILL NOT SATISFIED" basically focuses on the discontentment of our desires and the warfare with this flesh never being satisfied

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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HURRY UP AND WAIT - April 2015

God has been so good to me already this year and it seems like it’s just getting started. Times are passing quickly – almost quicker than we can keep up with, but God is still blessing and performing miracles in the midst of His people. For every tactic of the enemy God is still making a way out of no way! Our topic this month, HURRY UP AND WAIT touches on several issues – mainly the fact that God’s ways are not like our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts. We always think we know what God should do to resolve our issues but God knows best. There is a time period that God sometimes puts us through that this flesh hates to be bothered with. A WAITING PERIOD that leaves us exhausted and confused. What we have to remember is that God is in control and He already has our solution. We just have to WAIT.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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SO NOW….WHAT’S THE ISSUE? - March 2015

We have the testimony that God is able to supply all of our needs. There’s nothing that God can’t do. We can talk to God any time we need to because He neither sleeps or slumbers, He’s always accessible to us. God is our very present help in the time of trouble. We could go on and on talking about the faithfulness of God because He’s just that good! Our topic this month is, "SO NOW….WHAT’S THE ISSUE?" This question focuses on the discontentment of the flesh in one or more areas. Although we know that God can do anything that we ask Him to do yet this flesh is never content. It always finds something else that it needs, wants or desires.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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