Dr. Sherman S. Watkins is the pastor and visionary behind Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies. He founded and organized his first storefront church in 1970, with eleven members under the name of Greater Emmanuel Apostolic Church of God. Today this church is recognized as one of the largest in the city of Columbus, Ohio with over 3,000 members.

In 1988, through the leading of the Lord, Dr. Watkins established an independent organization under the charter of Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies Inc. Now under a new name and with a new direction, Higher Ground is now the head church and central business office, and Dr. Watkins is the chief prelate over many churches both nationally and internationally.

Bishop Watkins has a profound love for the Lord and His people, and his daily walk before men is a mirrored reflection of the countless hours he spends in prayer and in the study of the Word. His character and mannerisms reflect his life as an ambassador called by the Most High God, as he has been charged to bring God to men, and men to God. Because of his love and obedience to the Lord, he has been anointed to preach the gospel, and is in great demand throughout the country. However, God has charged him with the call of a pastor, and this calling is his first priority, as he loves to share the Word with his own parishioners.

He has received countless accolades, commendations, and merits throughout the years, among them having been honored by the mayor of the City of Columbus, members of the Columbus City Council, the House of Representatives of the 113th General Assembly of Ohio, as well as the Four Acres Realty Company, for his dedication and sincerity in carrying out his services to the community. Although he has received national notoriety and acclaim, he realizes that he could not be where he is today without the blessings and leading of the Lord, and kindly and passionately lays all accolades for him, at the feet of Jesus.

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