The Miracle on St. Clair

When I started my ministry almost 50 years ago, God gave me a little storefront church with the instructions, “Don’t move off St. Clair!” There was no parking lot available and you had to find a spot on the street, but soon we filled the building and needed to expand. We found a house right across the street and converted it to our new sanctuary, and I could still hear the Lord’s voice repeating, “Don’t move off St. Clair!”

As the house became too small to hold my growing congregation, I started to look for another place of worship. Just over the viaduct was an old Penn Central Railroad building, long since abandoned, as they had moved to bigger and better accommodations in a better neighborhood. It had no windows, doors, and the gas had long been shut off. The building itself was weather beaten with weeds, trees and brush overgrown all around it. The local poolroom was next door and with the alcohol being served there coupled with the empty apartment building across the street, this drew a lot of criminal activity to the area. Hubcaps were stolen almost at every service, cars were broken into, yet I continued to obey God.

Because of His leading and my obedience to his Word, we now own two entire blocks on the front of St. Clair and land behind us also. We are now blessed to own a lovely edifice with a junior church, youth church, nursery, dining room, a lovely dining hall upstairs, and a beautiful sanctuary to praise and worship God for all of His blessings. Through His directions, we were led to St. Clair, and through His directions, we are still here following His command, “Don’t move off St. Clair!” That is why I call it the “Miracle on St. Clair.”

Dr. Sherman Watkins “Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day.” Acts 26:22

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