In our walk with God we, as Believers, will go through tough times……we just have to remember STORMS NEVER LAST FOREVER.  It often seems like it’s a never ending cycle, but even storms HAVE A SET TIME. The guarantee that we have from God is consistent….. “I WILL KEEP YOU EVEN IN THE STORM.”  It doesn’t matter what kind of storm we find ourselves in, whether it’s mental, financial, matters of the heart, health issues or even spiritual challenges, GOD’S PROMISE IS THE SAME – I WILL KEEP YOU!!  It’s easy to talk tough when we’re not going through anything: we can speak of FAITH at the highest level UNTIL it’s us going through then the issue becomes more personal. When WE are the ones going through yet another storm it can seem overwhelming at times – but that’s when we have to hold on even harder to God than ever before. Since we know that FAITH isn’t really FAITH until it is met by resistance, we understand why the devil doesn’t care about lip service. It doesn’t matter to the devil WHAT WE SAY ALOUD because he knows the methods that he uses enter through our thoughts and our spirit. If he can penetrate either area he knows he can pull us down. Our greatest weapon against the enemy is not only in the area of faith but also in our tenacity. We have to get back up every time the enemy knocks us down and be ready to fight! We know that the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy so he’s looking for a weak spot in every believer. He may put us through a test on a strong faith day and we may not budge, but he’s still not giving up. He watches and waits for a vulnerable time in our life to present the same test, temptation or whatever works and then wait to see how we’ll respond. He doesn’t get tired or bored with the same ole’ thing…….as long as it works. We have to daily meditate on the promises of God and be strong IN THE LORD and in the power of His might. Prayer, praise and a positive mindset are our greatest weapons against the enemy. If we can STAY STRONG in these 3 areas the enemy will not be able to defeat us. God is in tune with what we’re dealing with but He doesn’t always give us an immediate deliverance because He knows that faith is strengthened through past experiences; so He allows us to be challenged, and if we trust Him we will come out victorious. Nahum 1:7 says, “THE LORD IS GOOD, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows those who seek refuge in Him.” We have to remember that EVERY PROBLEM and troubling situation we face in this life is allowed by God for a specific purpose. GOD IS WORKING OUT SOMETHING FAR GREATER THAN WHAT APPEARS TO BE HAPPENING as He guides the process of transforming us into the image of Jesus Christ. If our eyes were opened to view the spiritual battle that is raging, we would see the grand army of the living God totally surrounding and protecting us with powerful weapons far greater than those that are against us. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that God’s victory follows and supports us even in the storm. Life will always present problems but as long as we know that God is right there in the storm we know we’re coming out victorious! Yes we will go through, EXPECT IT, but know that God will take care of us EVEN IN THE STORM!

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