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Dr. Sherman Watkins

Praise The Lord from whom all blessings flow……..

It’s almost the end of the year! Seems like this year passed so quickly in comparison to other years. It hardly seems real that we’re getting ready to go into 2016. But through it all, GOD HAS REMAINED A GOOD GOD!!!  Our topic this month, “RESPECT THE PROCESS” deals with LIFE and the realities that we ALL have to face while we’re here on earth. We know, without a doubt that God is too wise to make a mistake, although sometimes the challenges that we must face can cause us, in our human frailty, to question the ways of God. We’re very limited in our ability to understand God’s choices, but we must always RESPECT God’s decisions.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins


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Praise The Lord!

Have you ever not felt like doing “something” and the more you thought about how much you didn’t want to do it, the easier it was to come up with an excuse as to why you shouldn’t do it?  YES…We’ve all been there.  Our topic this month, “GET BEYOND YOUR EXCUSES” deals with real issues. There are some things that we can excuse ourselves from doing, but there are other things, like the things that God requires, those things can’t be excused just because we don’t feel like doing it. God never requires that we do anything that He hasn’t already empowered us to do – therefore, if He requires that we do it, He knows that we are able – now it’s just a matter of our obedience to Him!


Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins


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Praise The Lord!

We’ve heard people talk about “SET TIME,” all in the church, in the grocery store, etc., everybody talks about “Set Time” because it’s a part of life – and the Bible speaks of it as well. Have you ever wondered “during your waiting period” if God has somehow or the other forgotten about you? Seems like you’ve been waiting on your “Set Time” for a long, long time – and you ponder the question……..God,……Is It My Time YET?  I think if we’re really honest, we will admit that we too have been there in that place of uncertainty, where we wonder whether or not God has FORGOTTEN about us. We think, “well God, how long is long enough now, seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this blessing, and although I’m not trying to run your business, can You just give me a sign of some kind …IS IT MY TIME YET?


God Bless You,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

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The Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, Inc., 870 St. Clair Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, was founded and organized by its present pastor Dr. Sherman S. Watkins in March, 1970...

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